Electronic Critters : The Experimental Circuit Bending Loop Library

Electronic Critters : The Experimental Circuit Bending Loop Library, Electronic Critters : The Experimental Circuit Bending Loop Library | Circuit Bending, Furby, Speak & Spell, Radio Frequency, Circuit Bent

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Available as a digital download for £9.99 direct from Haunted House Records

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Electronic Critters is a sample library based on circuit bent childrens toys. This sound effect library was born during the creation of Creature's latest album Distant Horizon. At the start of the albums writing process, creature aka Stephen Haunts from Derby in the UK, spent months circuit bending and sampling childrens toys.

Once sampled, the recordings where chopped up and run through numerous effects to create sounds unlike anything you have ever heard before. Stephen enjoyed this process so much, that after Distant Horizon was released, he continued processing these sounds and created even more alien sounding textures. 

The toys included in this library include the Speak & Spell, Furby, Major Morgan plus many other classic electronic toys.

If you are keen to learn a little more about Circuit Bending then you can read our article called ' The Art of Circuit Bending '.

The package contains:

  • Over 750 raw and unprocessed circuit bent samples.
  • Over 250 sound textures and atmospheres created from the above samples.
  • All samples are provided in 24bit 44khz WAV files.

Audio Demo Song. Listen to Audio Demo

Download 20 samples form this collection of circuit bent and processed samples. This demo pack is 47meg in size..

Download Demo Samples

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