Dirty Electronics : Experimental Circuit Bending Loop Library

Dirty Electronics : Experimental Circuit Bending Loop Library, Dirty Electronics : Experimental Circuit Bending Loop Library | Radio Frequency, Circuit Bending, Furby, Circuit Bent, Speak & Spell

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Available as a digital download for £19.99 direct from Haunted House Records

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Product Description

Electronic experimentation and broken toys fuse together to create 360 filthy riffs, gargled glitches, extraterrestrial FX, circuit-bent chatters, bit-crushed babbles, and mangled modulations in this much anticipated follow-up to Electronic Critters.

Speak and Spells, Furbies and other forgotten gizmos are rewired and mashed up to create insane textured, rhythmic and gritty loops for all types of electronic music: add texture to ethereal soundscapes or interesting top-lines to your next techno bomb.

Dirty Electronics comes with all loops tempo-labled (125, 128, 130, 135BPM) and each sound is provided in six unique variations, giving you a myriad of creative possibilities in your next electronic arrangement.

All samples are provided in 24bit 44khz to ensure the highest grade sonic quality.

If you are keen to learn a little more about Circuit Bending then you can read our article called ' The Art of Circuit Bending '.

  • All sounds supplied in 24bit 44Khz Wav files.
  • 360 High quality processed circuit bent loops.

Audio Demo Song. Listen to Audio Demo

Download 20 samples from this collection of twisted circuit bent loops..

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