Ambient Worlds : Another World

Ambient Worlds : Another World, Ambient Worlds : Another World | Ambient Soundscapes, White Noise Wav, Ambient Sounds, Natural Sounds

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Available as a digital download for £19.99 direct from Haunted House Records

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Product Description

Alien rainscapes, lunar textures, inter-planetary vortexes, solar winds, Neptune thunderclouds and nightmares of the Gods in the latest - and darkest - instalment in Haunted House's Ambient Worlds series.

Stephen Haunts' label is as niche as you get: putting out a select number of releases each year that are eagerly lapped up by foley, game, cinema, soundtrack and dance producers.

In Another World, Stephen takes a journey to the dark side of the imagination, serving up 62 all-new evolving stereo ambient soundscapes that can be used alone or mixed together for a near-infinite palette of sounds.

Source material in Another World includes natural sound, which are then synthesised, downgraded and remodelled into other-worldly ambient soundscapes.

Another World is the final part of the Ambient World collection.

  • All sounds supplied in 24bit 44Khz Wav files.
  • 62 High quality processed field recordings.
  • Over 800meg of 24bit samples.

Audio Demo Song. Listen to Audio Demo

Download 5 samples from this collection of ambient processed field recordings. This demo pack is 49meg in size.

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