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Sounds of Mummy : Womb Sound Ambient Album

Posted on 6/9/2011 2:18:42 AM by steveh

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For the last few months I have been moving the Haunted House Records website over to a new server and completely redeveloping the site to use a custom content management system.

Sounds of Mummy ambient womb sounds. Calm your new born baby to sleep.

As part of this move we effectively took the Sounds Of Mummy website off-line. I have now put this product back on-line so the digital version can be purchased.

Sounds of Mummy is an ambient project I worked on a few years ago that simulated the sounds an unborn baby would hear in the womb. This disc can be used to calming new born babies who won't sleep. We used this to great effect to help calm my daughter in the first 6 months. It worked great!!! This album also makes for a really chilled ambient listening experience and has be bought by people who don't even have children. You can check out the recordings at the Sound of Mummy product page.