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FREE Sound Effects Downloads : 374 Old Skool Computer Games Samples

Posted on 5/20/2011 3:08:27 PM by steveh

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374 Retro Old Skool Computer Games Samples

A few years ago, around the Electronic Critters 3 era, I released a FREE sound effects library of 374 Old Skool Computer Games samples.

With the new site upgrade of Haunted House Records, some of the FREE content got lost in the wash and I never got around to putting it back on-line. I have had a few people ask me recently for the files so I have put them back on the site for you all to enjoy. They are completely FREE of charge and they are also royalty free so you can use them in your home brew retro style computer games or music productions.

I'd love to see what you do with them though. I might even post some cool stuff done with these samples on this blog :-)

You can download these free sound effects from here. Please do let us know what you think in the comments for this post. The download size is around 19.5meg. There are all sorts of sounds from blips, lasers, power-ups, jumps etc.

Posted by James on 5/22/2011.

These absolutely kick ass. Thanks for the generous freebie :-) J.

Posted by Simon S on 5/22/2011.

Nice one. Makes me want to play some retro games. Don't make em like they used too ;-/

Posted by Ubix on 5/22/2011.

Love your sample collections and company!! This free pack is amazing. Thank you

Posted by Col on 5/22/2011.

Cheers. I am doing a games programming degree and currently writing a simple platform game so these samples will come in very useful. Am I ok to release the same with these samples on?

Posted by Stephen Haunts on 5/22/2011.

@col: Yeah you can use these samples royalty free which means you don't have to pay anything. A mention in the game credits would be cool though. Send over some screen shots or a video at some point I would love to see it.

Posted by J on 6/2/2011.

Thanks for these samples. They are very inspiring :)