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Fast Five Composer Brian Tyler

Posted on 4/29/2011 2:49:23 PM by admin

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I must admit I am a very big film music fan. I especially love high energy action music and orchestral music suits this perfectly. One of my favourite composers has to be Brian Tyler and he has written some great scores.

Fast Five Composer Brian Tyler

His most recent score is for the new Vin Diesal film, Fast Five. This really is a typical high octane action score and from what I have heard so far is is going to be a real corker. The score album is out May 3rd but you can get a good feel for it from the video below which shows part of the scoring session cut with drum recording sessions performed by Brian himself.

I think you'll agree this sounds great :-) There is also a short interview with Brian over at Reelz Channel.

Another score of Brian's that I really love is the score to Battle:LA. This film seems to really divide opinions, but think what you may of the film, the score is absolutely fantastic. Check the scoring session video below to see what I mean.

If you are into Brian Tyler, then check out the following 2 videos which are a studio tour.