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New Haunted House Records Blog

Posted on 4/27/2011 1:56:50 PM by admin

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New Haunted House Records Blog

Welcome to the new blog for Haunted House Records. My name is Stephen Haunts and I run Haunted House Records. My aim with this blog is not to just tell you about my company news. It is also about discussing cool things to do with music and sound design in general.

First I thought I would properly introduce myself for those that don't know me. I have been writing music since childhood and I formed Haunted House Records around 2006. This year I turned the tiny company into a formal company. It is still only me working for it though.

All of the music available on this site is composed by me. Currently that is 3 projects. They are:

Creature: This is music that doesn't fall into any specific genre, but sweeps many genres. The music is mostly electronic but I do like to use a lot of cinematic strings.

British Radiophonics: This project is currently a one off album project which pays homage to the late BBC Radiophonic Workshop. The project creates music in a style akin to the workshops output but in a more modern style. I would like to think that if the workshop was still in existence and I was working for them, then this is the sort of music I would produce for them.

Stephen Haunts: This is my self titled Dark Ambient soundscapes project. This music is mainly ambient noise and is inspired by such artists as Lustmord, Robert Rich and Andrew Liles.

As well as producing music I also produce sample libraries for other musicians and film post production producers.

Posted by Steve on 5/4/2011.

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Posted by Stephen Haunts on 5/5/2011.

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